The principle of acupressure and Tuina is the same as acupuncture. The meridians and points are processed with various hand techniques. Tuina is effective for stiff muscles and joints. For people who would rather not get acupuncture acupressure can sometimes replace the needles.

Aromatherapy body massage

This fusion of eastern and western massage helps to restore your body's natural equilibrium Incorporating pressure point techniques and specially blended Thai Aroma oils. The depth of the aromatherapy massage movements can be adapted to suit your needs.

Foot Massage

A foot treatment Incorporating That pressure points mirror the body's key systems.This is an ancient healing art bringing soothing relief in modern times.

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

This popular back, shoulders and neck massage is tailored to your individual needs, helping to re-energize and relax.


- Provides deep relaxation and tranquility
- Improves overall health and vitality
- Fronts relieves stress and anxiety
- Restores the body contact and feeling
- Is a welaad to receive
- Is maintenance for the body
- The improvement of the blood circulation
- The restoring the balance in the energy flow


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