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The principle of the tradtional Chinese medicine goes back to the Chinese natuurfilofosofie which began more than four thousand years ago. What is the difference with Western medicine? Chinese medicine strengthens more health and Western medicine more fights the disease. Both approaches are useful and complementary. Here is an explanation of some concepts.

Yin and Yang
Yin stands for nourishing power and yang stands for performing power. Compare it to sleep (yin) and work (yang). Or night and day. Or soft and hard. These forces must be in balance. If that balance is disrupted, then we speak of illness.

Qi and meridians
Qi (spr .: chee) is energy, also called bio-electricity. In our body, this energy flows through so-called meridians. These are non-visible channels just below the surface of the skin. Each of these meridians is in communication with one of our bodies. Meridians are detectable with a simple electrical measuring instrument. The trained acupuncturist feels qi with fingers. If qi can flow freely is our body in balance and we speak of health.


Acupuncture points
The meridians and the related organs outside are influenced by so-called acupuncture points. The needle of the acupuncturist get through such a point access to the flow of qi. In acupressure influencing which happens with hands and fingers.

Pulse and tongue diagnosis
Traditional Chinese Medicine has a very sophisticated diagnostic technique. From feeling the pulse leads the Chinese doctor how it is with the vitality of the organs and the patient as a whole. The same is true for the detection of the tongue: color and shape provide a lot of information on the situation in the body at that time. Thus it is possible at an early stage distortions where to take the energy balance. The Chinese doctor can therefore often solve unexplained symptoms, and may have a preventive par excellence.


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